Posted by: Andy | January 27, 2009

you know your

local recordstore is getting snooty when they fail to list Bruce Springsteen’s new album on their new releases list.  Because, you know, he doesn’t have many fans left, probably won’t sell many records, or whatever.  They had Franz Ferdinand and some other random indie band on the list for today.

As of today (27th) the new releases page on their website is still a week behind – not very useful!

In other news, some drunk drove his car into the front of their store Friday night.  Ouch.

Anyway, back to work & off to listen to the new album.



  1. It’s updated now (complete with The Boss)- I guess tuesdays are just too busy to update the website.
    btw, that Glasvegas record is really good, as is the new Franz (whom I don’t typically like that much).

  2. i bought tix to see E Street in NY last March. Supposed to be a special weekend, see the man, then hang w/my parents…
    Work, of course, got in the way…in the time it took between getting tix in October, and the show actually happening in March, i transferred, and my new store had an inventory during the time i would have been away…Luckily i hadn’t got plane tix yet…

    First my old man passed away, then Danny Federici…sigh; reallllly sorry i missed that trip…
    he’s working hard to market this record, (i.e. super bowl, walmart, etc)
    i think it’s more a reflection of your shop, and their resources…it’s hard enough in retail just to get the doors open these days, i feel it…

  3. I’m very sorry to hear about your dad man. I’ll leave it at that because there’s really nothing I could say. 😦

    The economy is definitely nasty…one of the long running local record stores closed down a few months back. It sucks. Not to mention all the little mom & pop stores of other kinds, lay offs, etc. Sucktastic.

    I’m sad that I never got to see E-Street with Danny…I was totally planning on trying my damndest to catch them this time around – of course it turns out they aren’t coming anywhere NEAR the PacNW, so oh well on that anyway. I wish I’d caught them on the last tour, I think they came through somewhere near by.

    Just another reminder piled on all the other reminders of the march of time.


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