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So I keep meaning to do a post about the webcomics I read.  And lo, but here it finally is.

What’s in my feed?   These, in no particular order:

  • Penny Arcade: Duh. If you’re a gamer, and you don’t follow this somewhat regularly…I’m surprised.   Sometimes this has a semblance of a running plot – it used to much more in the past.  Mostly though it’s just singles or brief runs based on some current gaming or geek news. You can jump in almost anywhere, but the archives are full of fucking gold.
  • xkcd: Double duh.  As above, but for programming/math/hardware geeks.  I’m not much of one of these anymore, but the culture is still a part of me.  The first brilliant stick figure comic I’ve found.  Even easier to jump in anywhere, but definitely has a target demographic and may not be your thing.
  • Something Positive: I don’t remember how I found this.  It’s a long running plot/”drama strip” more so than funny hah hah – although it does have a punchline every strip.  The archives here is where the real treasure is found, as I haven’t been particularly jazzed about the last year or so of strips.  An actual running plot and tons of character development.
  • Erfworld: I just found out about this recently.  REALLY enjoying it.  I was a huge turn base strat console gamer, so many of the in jokes are my stomping grounds.  It’s targeted more at the tabletop gaming crew I suspect, but most of those tropes carried over to the games I played…  Obviously inspired by the following strip (and hosted at the same site – bear with it, it’s SLOW)
  • Order of the Stick:  The second brilliant stick figure comic.  A pretty long running plot-and-gag strip set in a medieval fantasy land bound by D&D constraints, making all kinds of cracks at the rules’ expense.   Lots of meta & 4th wall breaking. I love it.  For some reason I put off reading this for years.
    People kept telling me to check it out, or mentioning it, but I just avoided it for some reason.  Finally hunkered down last month and read the whole thing.  Since it’s so plot & character based, it has little value if you just want to read the daily strip without the backup.  The good news is there are 600+ strips, so it should take you a while to catch up.  When I finally did I was bummed…now I’m waiting like everyone else!

Things I read occasionally:

  • Diesel Sweeties: Can’t go wrong with ex-porn star+robot sex can you?  Pokes heavy fun at modern trends – indie kids, etc.  Not enough of a running plot to really interest me (I made it about halfway through the archives), but it makes for good one-offs.
  • Sinfest: I totally forgot about this one, but I used to read it all the time. Focusing mostly on religion.  If the name wasn’t a give away ;).  It’s been around quite a while (at least 8 years).
  • PvP: The other “big” gamer webcomic (alongside Penny Arcade).  For some reason I always forget about this one.  It’s good though, and I like that it has more of  a running story structure.  About working in the game industry.  And there’s a giant troll/dragon thing.  I forget what his deal is.

Some favorite strips:

Of course, one of the most classic internet strips of our young modern age is this gem from XKCD:




Some classics from Penny Arcade (click to enbiggen!):

The Paint the Line mini-arc.  This is extra awesome if you a) are familiar with the plot the 80s movie (you know, that one movie they made hundreds of times) and b) like ping-pong.

Something from Sinfest I had laying around:

Three strips from OotS that actually made me laugh out loud:  1 2 3 (The second one might require too much context though.)



  1. Thank you for actually posting a couple so I could enjoy in the solitude of my laziness.

  2. You forgot to include my fave strip from Penny Arcade. Come ON!

  3. I couldn’t find it – I was going to ask you for a copy. Forgot :P.


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