Posted by: Andy | February 5, 2009

re-merged blogs

Yes, I re-merged my comic blog & my main blog.

Much as I’d like them to be separate, it’s not like I have any/enough readers for there to be a point.  So, violin!  More comic related posts for the rest of you ;).

They will all be in the “pullbox” category.



  1. Sweet. Conversely, I have entirely discontinued my members only blog. As it had no members.

  2. Maybe you should have invited some.
    Mine was never members only, I just tried to save people from having to read the extra-geeky stuff. Well, not that they had to, but you know what I mean.

  3. No, I thought inviting people would be too low-brow.

  4. Wow. A blog so elite only the writer can read it.

    Wait. Wait.
    I’ve got it.
    Do it OFFLINE. On know…paper or something. That way, even if someone got accidentally invited, they’d still be fucked.

    You could call it..a gerbil…or journey …or something.

  5. ….You’ve opened up a whole new world to me, Dave.


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