Posted by: Andy | February 6, 2009

NY Comiccon X-news

Looks like Marvel is looking back to the 80s (a “new” New Mutants book with the actual New Mutants finally ) and 90s (a really weird quasi-what if X-Men ?series?) for the new round of X-books.

I’m glad Young X-Men got canceled.  It sucked.  The storylines sucked, and it introduced probably the worst X-character ever.  Yes, even worse than Maggot (although I actually kinda liked Maggot.  I know, I’m weird like that – but he had a really creative power.  I think without his bizarre speaking style he might have gone over better). I’m looking at you dickwad.  Not only does he have the retarded origin of gaining superpowers from some other guy tattooing him (and thinking it was his own power to be powered by whatever he had tattooed) – but one of the tattoos is the motherfucking phoenix force. …Seriously, the dumbest shit I’ve heard in years. And that’s saying a lot.  Even dumber than the random resurrection at the end of the most recent issue of the Final Crisis/Legion series.

I suspect I’ll pick up both the new series for the first arcs at least, and I had just dropped Young X-Men from my pullbox.  Because it sucked.  Great characters (please don’t kill Dust…talk about a waste), stupid pointless stories.  And it least 4 new mutants.  You know, it’s not like they are rare these days or something…



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