Posted by: Andy | February 10, 2009

fast, free, cheap links

So I’m thinking I’ll change the format that I post links in.  I suspect people don’t have the patience to go through 15 links at a time – every other blog just seems to throw one at a time at you, and that seemed annoying to me.  But I get it, we all have short attention spans.

So, I’m going to throw all these out to the wind, and then maybe move into the pair of dimes that everyone else is flipping and just toss one at a time from here on out.

Enjoy the last flesh fest!

More artists getting into the google street view thing.  I like this one better though.

Indulgences are back.  Really?  Well, at least they aren’t directly selling them.  Still, it seems rather archaic, blasphemous, silly?  You take your pick.  Of course not blasphemous by their standards…but in general the fact that you could pay (whether gold, dollars, or deeds) to shift your placement in the afterlife just seems off and insulting.

A distressing graph of the recent job losses.  From the speaker. Of the house.  On a blog.  What IS this world coming to.  Curse you Obama and your bringing tech to the non-masses!  Oh wait…they’ve been doing them since 2007?  Wow.  Amazing that I never knew something so boring existed!  Uncurse Obama!

Time does a bit on motherfucking auto tune.  Is it ruining music?  You decide. I’m leaning towards “yes”.

Inside the mind of Grant Morrison (would you really want to be there? O.O)  Final Crisis exit bit via IGN.

Julia Stiles was a hacker.  I forget where I found this, but it makes baby cyber jesus cry.  Then again, 1993 in general makes baby <x> jesus cry. I was a sophomore in HS I think…and yes I did have internet access.  It was textacular!

The end of whiteness! No really, I swear it is!  …not, but an interesting read anyway.

The future of table-top gaming?  For a situation like this I can see something like the Microsoft Surface actually being incredibly useful.  Of course, that wouldn’t do any less to make it an expensive novelty, but hey, lots of geeks have $$.  I messed with one when we were in Vegas and it was..functional.  Semi-buggy (but no BSODs!), but functional.

Time reports on some recent scientific breakthroughs – successful teleportation of information across non-microscopic distances.

A wonderful discovery in the history of mathematics.  Almost obliterated by someone trying to make a bible out of it…it’s crazy the things we can recover with modern technology.  Really. Crazy.

And you thought getting repeatedly knocked down and/or hit in the head was good for you!  Science shows that it’s not…and that pro athletes are getting seriously, permanently fucked up.  Will this alter the way sports are played?  Other than adding a line to new players contracts saying something to the effect of “not responsible for brain damage” – I doubt it.



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