Posted by: Andy | February 12, 2009

I will never yo-yo again

Because really, after this:

What’s the point?

That guy is so sick, with something usually considered so “silly”, that he probably actually gets laid for his mad yo-yo skills.



  1. I can think of only the lamest girls who would lay this guy in Vegas and then go blab drunkenly to her friends, “you should have seen this guy yo-yo-ing…” to which her other fake bakes would pretend they cared and she’d be mysteriously left the next day by the pool, passed out with no spf. Done.

    Also, the bowtie, the leather pants? He better be Japanese.

  2. I think you totally missed the point. That was it, back there by the McDonalds ;).

    I agree on the Japanese hopes.

  3. Did you or did you not say he probably gets laid. Right there at the McD’s. I must disagree. He looks like a dork who finally thinks it’s his time to be Prom King, only to discover everyone graduated already and he’s still a tool, albeit one with a cool trick. We still don’t wanna invite him to the grad party, though.

  4. I did say that. Technically, with words.
    But that may not be what I meant. O.O
    I’m attempting to employ sarcasm in a new way perhaps?

    At slightly off kilter angles my wordplay flaccidly engages.

  5. Allow me to answer that….with a headbutt.


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