Posted by: Andy | February 17, 2009

Coates on the Palin bastard

Link.  I think he covers it pretty well.  The whole situation cracks me up – hypocrisy playing itself out in the national media.  Good times.

I only add “bastard” because it’s technically true.  I completely disagree with all negative connotations associated with the word: single parents can raise wonderful and loving children.   Good luck to Bristol though with that (now?) power-hungry manipulator for a mommy though.  Then again, I’m sure she’ll never have to want for money, so she’s already massively better off than most other young, single mothers.



  1. Since no one in authority has actually seen The Annointed One’s Birth Certificate, are we to assume that he is “..A Bastard until proven otherwise?”

    And, please, don’t get in a snit because of that “Hawaiian Birth Certificate.” Everyone in Hawaii knows that such certificates are not worth the “lei” they’re printed on–or is the “lies?”

  2. Huh? Are you talking about Jesus? I think he was born to a corn farmer in Kentucky, and I’m pretty sure they keep extensive records.

    PS. Your comment was totally unrelated to the post, but thanks for stopping by – were you going for some kind of “guilt by 3 layers of separated association” thing? Fail.

  3. I’m hella lost right now. ….Moving on. I think it’s important to remember that Bristol Palin is unattractive. Which means the baby has a good chance of being an ugly bastard.

  4. How dare you move on!
    We must dwell forever on obscurities.


  5. Niiiiiiice Bethany! Good point.
    Andy: Please remember that single white mothers raise wonderful and loving children. Single black/hispanic/etc mothers raise the banes of society.


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