Posted by: Andy | February 18, 2009

Dark Reign: Hawkeye #2 – Hawkeye vs. Bullseye

From the May solicits:

Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Penciled by TOM RANEY
Bullseye cuts loose in this DARK REIGN tie-in! Reporter Ben Urich investigates a brutal massacre that has all the hallmarks of the notorious assassin Bullseye. But can Urich connect the murders to the Dark Avenger known as Hawkeye? Norman Osborn must bring H.A.M.M.E.R. down to hide the awful truth before it tears the team apart—and poisons the Avengers’ noble legacy forever! The killer creative team of Andy Diggle (THUNDERBOLTS) and Tom Raney (SECRET INVASION: INHUMANS) spins the spotlight on one of Marvel’s most controversial characters!

This is actually moderately interesting, as they are basically flip sides of the same coin – ability wise.  And hell, Ultimate Hawkeye is basically Ultimate Bullseye – he kills people by throwing his finger nails – so this might be a good way to show how badass 616 Hawkeye can be.  Pair him up with someone who shows what he could do from the wrong angle. I’m not going to buy it – money is so tight these days I can’t see why Marvel is still starting up so damn many new ltds & ongoings – but it does look interesting.

That cover sure is ugly though.



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