Posted by: Andy | February 18, 2009

Pullbox for 02/18/09

Guardians of the Galaxy 10 – Still fueled by awesomesauce.  The lineup continues to fluctuate, and I continue to hope Starlord will get some kind of power/tech upgrade.  Rocket Raccoon at least has racoon-like speed and agility!  Or some shit.

Young X-Men 10 – I figured I’d pick up the last 3 issues…just because I’ve got every other damn issue of the various New Mutant incarnations.  It’s nice that the cover remembers that Sunspot can fly – I don’t think any other part of the series does.  Then again, maybe he flew in that stupid fight against the tattoodorks, I wasn’t paying that much attention.

Young X-Men 11 – What the hell happened here?  The phoenix tattoo thing only gets more retarded, the new characters continue to have no character and the random-ass future sideplot has me curious how they are going to wrap up this trainwreck of a series in a single issue

…certainly better than New Exiles 18 right?  What the hell.  We already know Psylocke is coming back, and none of the current crop of Exiles are in the next series.   So.  Uh?  Shouldn’t there be some kind of a set up starting?

Uncanny X-Men 506 – All around average.  The refugee thing is an interesting angle (were the whores really ex-mutants or did Colossus just make that up – I can’t remember the last issue set up for this arc), and the X-Science squad is at least an interesting thought (complete with two random/mostly made up brand new probably pointless characters!) – although every issue that Warren doesn’t have some kind of Arcangel incident just makes it less and less interesting/believeable.

X-Force 11 – Villain background.  Meh. These issues should be half price.  To some degree necessary but still tedious.  I don’t get why he had to dig the up apaches though – that’s fucktarded!

New Avengers 49 – Interesting to see Cage just fucking with Norman.  Glad.

What was the error in Mighty Avengers 21? I got a free copy with the error repaired, whatever that means.  Not feeling it yet. I adored Slott’s Initiative, but I’m just not feeling this and

I’m sorely missing him on Avengers Initiative 21.  Decent, but not the awesomeness it was.

Captain Britain & MI13 10 – A “downtime issue” with Dracula cranking up the heat in the background.  Definitely a slow down, but somewhat necessary.  Still good.  Hoping Blade ditches the head tattoos (I guess his hand grew back??) and I really, really hope that what they imply happened at the end didn’t happen.  Because that is just harsh.

X-Men Legacy 221 – Too slow!  Stuff is happening but it’s SLOW.  Why are the Shi’ar here?  Dumb.  Sorry Mike, I love your stuff but this is weak.

Yes I only pick up comics once a month or so…so there’s a big stack.



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