Posted by: Andy | February 19, 2009

X-Factor 40

was not as..interesting as 39.  There was a “big reveal” at the end.  Sort of, but it was much more “comic booky” than the last – even though a return to the status quo and the lack of parents actually raising aging children is about as comic booky as you can get – it was still done very well, and the character work is what counts in X-F.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about what happened [NO SPOILERS], but I think it should have waited at least another arc.. <.<

I really thought he was almost actually going to go through with the thing he kept foreshadowing – just because no one would think he would actually go through with it.  But then he didn’t….which is less interesting in a literary sense, but still interesting for the characters involved.  Although technically it does dive headfirst into another tedious comic trope (rapidly aging chidren… >.>)  so.  Huh.  I really wish he would have gone somewhere else with this.  The writing is great, but it’s slipping back into predictable unpredictability – ie comics 101.



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