Posted by: Andy | February 24, 2009

being dead shouldn’t guarantee you an award

Other than a Darwin Award of course.

Nothing personal against Heath Ledger, he’s a great actor and all, but his Joker portrayal was in no way Oscar worthy.  Not that “Oscar worthy” directly correlates to quality, but I’m going to pretend it does for a few minutes even though it’s doubtful it means anything when most of us are vaguely aware of the back-room politics that go into Oscar choice.

But still, honestly folks – those of you that saw Batman Whatever – he played a crazy guy.  An intense crazy guy.  We don’t have any idea what his background or motivations are, so he’s just an excuse to act crazy with little restraint and few guidelines.  What skilled actor wouldn’t go nuts in that role?

As a guy with very little acting experience, I say that I am 104% correct when I say portraying a boundless crazy person is not the most difficult thing out there.

Unfortunately, the only other movie in the running for that award that I saw was Tropic Thunder.  And, while I think that giving Downey the award for that particular portrayal would open a different kind of can of annelids, I think what he did there (in a comedy of all places!) required a bit more “work” than playing batshit crazy guy.  Not that I think he should have won, just that it was more …dimensioned (?).



  1. I was actually very supportive of him winning that, which is a big turn around for me since I hate bandwagon-ing and am paranoid about it so that I interpret it as that even when it’s not sometimes. Anyway, then I saw the movie. And, yeah, I thought it was – as a whole – a freaking amazing movie. Seriously, and I was a hard sell after the opening scene of the first one where they do that glorified white guy in a third world country thing. I was completely sold. Seriously. I was inside that movie. But then. I love desperation and demented… what can I say? I love kids.

  2. best supporting crazy guy was dude from revolution road…
    anne hathaway’s nixon might be good for an emmy…

  3. I just don’t watch enough movies to form opinions about what I think should win. If I happen to see something and think it shouldn’t though well, that I can do :).

  4. There’s only been one actor to get an Oscar posthumously so I don’t think being dead helps.

    • You know what I mean. The atmosphere around his death was such that, coupled with the existing pre-movie-oscar buzz, he was very likely to win.

      My point was that, dead or alive, I don’t think that performance deserved anything other than “Job well done, you did what we paid you to do.” It kind of annoyed me actually, iirc. I couldn’t sit through it again, so I’m just going to take my word for it.


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