Posted by: Andy | February 25, 2009

Heroes – Cold Wars

OK, I get that Peter is intentionally written to be stupid.

I finally get that.  For a while, I thought the writers might be more crafty than this, or just sloppy – but now I’m just forced to conclude that he is written stupid.  Being impulsive once in a while is ok, we all do that – but being all impulsive, all the time means you are a) stupid b) have brain damage c) are legally retarded.  While b) is quite possible as he has been knocked around a lot, it hasn’t been specifically mentioned so I’ll leave it out for now. c) seems unlikely as Hollywood doesn’t like having retarded leads (at least not “full retards” 😉 ).  So I’m left with a).  He is written to be stupid.  The writers have said many times that his defining characteristic is his “empathy” – I’m just going to chalk this up to them not knowing how to use a dictionary or thesaurus.  Cool?

OK, fine now that that’s out of the way the series makes a bit more sense.  He might want to look into a less douche-y haircut though.

The Heroes writers also love running the same plots over and over again.  I get that they are going for character consistency – but really, having HRG go back to the “deep cover” good guy has been done what, twice aready?  OVER IT. *buzzer sound*  NEXT.

What was to like about this episode…let’s see.  No Claire!  No Sylar! Yay. Nemesis is still alive (which we knew from the forthcoming episode info), but still nice as I sort of like the little Nemesis/Hero/Ando/Parkman grouping.  It’s probably my favorite little hero cluster in a while.  Parkman’s going nuts is understandable as he thinks they killed his true love (never mind his adopted daughter who was killed or something off camera by the elder Petrelli…guess she doesn’t matter anymore), but I think they could have written that stuff better.

Also..super duper duh – Parkman could have, at the simplest and very least just made the feds think they had him and caught away.  Illusions, etc.  Wtf ar the writers smoking?  They forget such basic, idiot level things.

We get a little more into Nathan’s petty little skull too – so it looks like now that he’s found out that his gifts are not God given he’s just a wee bit bitter about it.  Jealous maybe?  Somehow the fact that he’s a synthetic hero makes him feel less than the others.  Very, very petty.  Which is basically consistent with his character (as is, evidently, abandoning all thoughts of your children – would a senator seriously be able to get away with this in this day & age?).

Crazy new bad guy get’s some characterization of his lack of character.  He’s a bad guy!  A single minded bad guy!  He will get you, because he’s willing to go all the way!  Booo!! We can also safely assume some powered individual negatively impacted him in the past.  Oh, and he will soon figure out Nathan’s secret.  Wacky hijinks will ensue.



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