Posted by: Andy | February 25, 2009

Wolverine Origins 33 – Are they really going to “kill” Wolverine?

Huh?  I’ll get to that in a minute.  First:

What’s better than Wolverine?  Wolverine with Admantium (TM) claws!

What’s better than that? A younger, hipper, more violent/troubled/sexy Wolverine with claws made of the metal of the most powerful/magical sword in the Marvel Universe (sort of, not counting the Soulsword and whatever any other random author wants to be the top blade)!

Not my opinion of course, but I suspect it must have been someone’s opinion.  Probably Daniel Way’s….

So yeah.  Back to my subject line point.

Looks like Daken’s gonna get the Murasama (sp?) blade, and then coat his bones/claws in it.  Because that’s just how he rolls.  Nevermind that he problably wouldn’t have the tech/magic knowledge to do that *cough*.  But yeah, prrooooobably going to happen, and it looks like it’s been the plan since the beginning.

What would be the point in making someone who’s entire point is to kill Wolverine?  Well, I expect to actually “kill” (comic book “kill”) Wolverine.  He hasn’t actually died yet (not counting Fall of the Mutants, or that other time when he recently died and fought spirit death guy and learned why he doesn’t ever die *coughDUMBSTUPIDcough*).  Err, I mean he hasn’t actually died and had it be an “event” like the Batman/Cap/Superman deaths yet.  And Marvel had the balls to kill off Cap – not their #1 money maker like Wolvie is, but still one of the main symbols of the line.

ANYWAY, end rant tangeant.

*Marvel has shown balls and willingness to really shake stuff up lately.
*Daken is taking over the main Wolverine title.
*Wolverine Origins isn’t really giving us much at all about the  origin of Wolverine…what it IS giving us though is the story points breakdown of Daken’s origin.  HMmmmmm.
*Oh, and Daken’s gearing up to coat his bones & blades in the one weapon that can really kill Wolverine.  Or whatever, they take immortality way too much for granted these days (except in that recent Wolverine limited series where he was beat up by a bunch of kung fu chumps. MM kay.)

Anyway. Maybe it won’t happen, maybe it will. I don’t much care as I don’t buy the Wolverine books anymore (I pick up Origins in the trades in the hopes that it will actuall tell a complete Origin story when finished *sigh*), nor would I buy X-Men if Daken joined – that shark has left the building!

Oh.  The issue.  What happened?  Uhh.  James/Mac/Guardian Hudson is Wolverine’s second cousin or something.  And Daken’s gonna get him some magic claws, and whoop on the X-Men in the process.



  1. How are they going to spin that. If Daken bound the Muramasa Blade to his claws, it would nullify his healing factor, like it does to every Healer in the Marvel U. Also,Killing Wolverine to replace him with a cheap knock-off would be the biggest mistake they’ve made since OMD.

    • Doesn’t mean they wouldn’t/can’t do it! Looking at the previews, we were led to believe he was just getting adamantium, but then 33 revealed that he was after the blade for that purpose (nevermind how he found out about it…)…

      I agree, it’s dumb, but it really looks like what they’re building up for.

  2. Keep in mind there is a brand new Wolverine series debuting in April, so I don’t see Logan buying the farm yet. I agree that there have been some dodgy ideas thrown the way of the ornery Canuck, but I kinda like Daken. He makes a good addition to the Dark Avengers as well.

    Besides, is Daken still out to kill his father? I think he’s gone past that now and is more concerned with world domination but maybe I missed something.

    You may want to flip through X-Men at your local comic shop, by the way as it is shaping up to be a good comic again (in my opinion, ofcourse).

    • I still buy all the non-solo-Wolverine X-books (which you can tell buy browsing my Pullbox category, X-men tags, etc.). So I’m up on that.

      I don’t mean to say I think Wolverine is actually going to stay dead in any way (although I’m not ruling it out), I just think they may be gearing up to “kill”/event his death.

      I didn’t think Daken was either, but the whole Fury speech seemed to be spelling that out – perhaps Daken is still just a Romulus pawn in the whole thing, but that seems to be the way the writer is leading us. Could be a red herring of course, but a 33 issue red herring is stupid.

      I don’t hate Daken. I just think that they just gave Wolverine a daughter without spending that much time on that relationship and now the throw him a son so soon after? He doesn’t bring anything new to the table – we’ve already got enough clawed healers to go around.

      Although I suppose he could be the Sabertooth replacement. Not that Sinister can’t just clone Sabertooth in some way…but Marvel doesn’t usually throw away characters like that (or print Origin issues for them after they are killed).


      Also, Origins still has 20-30 issues to go, and I don’t think the “death event” would come until the end of that. So having another Wolverine title start up doesn’t really impact my guess here. Also, Daken is taking over the main book – so it’s really just a fill for that I think – ie give the new character the old book to try and get him that established readership, then start a new title with the character you know can bring the audience.
      /end EDIT]


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