Posted by: Andy | February 26, 2009

things I’ve listened to lately

WTF is up with the new Common album? I tried to listen to it again, skipped the first three songs, then went to something else entirely different. The beats really annoy me, and the songs seem especially trivial.  There are some good rhymes in there but..ugg.  “Sex 4 Suga”.  Really?  Is he becoming more like H.E.R.? I just went back again and went through the whole thing again.  “Changes” is ok.    Maybe I just like “happy Common”.  Definitely not big on “horny Common”.

The new Killers album is actually pretty good.  I like it.  They do pretension with just enough sincerity and youthful exuberance that I buy it. Most of the time.

The new Springsteen was NOT a 5 star album.  Same with the new U2.  I dunno what the fuck RS has been smoking (maybe the section?) for the last few years, but they are way too generous with some of their reviews.  Springsteen’s was good – although seriously marred by the dopey intro song (no that’s not an official video!).  It would have worked much better on one of his folkey projects, I really don’t like it in this album’s context.  In general, I don’t like songs where the chorus is someone telling you their name.  It rarely works. I’d say it was 3.5-4 stars.  His work is almost always quality, but it’s not always solid gold!  Grow a pair RS!  I need to listen to the U2 one a bit more, but it does nothing for me (yet) so it’s hard to get up the muster.

Airborne Toxic Event album is good. I think I mentioned this already.

New Morrissey seems pretty good so far.

I like the new Bon Voyage too.  Not so much on the new Starflyer sadly.  It just doesn’t grab me.  Jason’s weakest effort to date imho.  Still not bad, but just..just not anything really.

I like the new Q-Tip.

Not so much the Dandy Warhols.  Nothing sticks out, not worth getting.  Have they have finally choked on their own cock of pure metaphorical pretension? You decide!

I do like the Vampire Weekend album.  I really didn’t want to. I still don’t.  But hey, I like Graceland, and it’s Graceland light in indie shoes.  No diamonds.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Fine Young Cannibals lately.  I love the dude’s voice.  Here’s a track from them you may not be familiar with.  I wish they had put out a few more albums.

Also Stevie Wonder. I have a soft spot for this song.  And I’m ok with it.

Jawbreaker.  Man am I late on this boat.  I was wondering why his voice sounded so much like the Jets to Brazil guy….DUH.  I knew that Ataris song (wow, that’s a big dude) was too good for them!  Love his voice.

Thanks to Wayne for reminding me to listen to Okkerville River.  Good shit.  I still have to check out most of the other stuff on his list.  Another very distinctive voice.  It must be distinctive voice night!  I heard/read someone somewhere recently remarking that rock music was more about having a distinctive voice than it was about being able to sing well.  I strongly concur.  Chops don’t hurt though.

OH, and I just found out about Skunk Anansie.  I don’t even remember how. But hit them up on youtube.  Good shit.  I love finding good dead bands so I don’t have to go through the trouble of keeping up with their new stuff.  I know, I’m old and cranky and boring.  It seems like they got mellower with the later album (s).  Now I just have to track down actual copies or digitals of the albums.  Next time I hit the used bins – top of my list!

Here’s a sample to close things out:



  1. Dude- Fine Young Cannibals. So many people have made fun of me for having “The Raw and The Cooked.” We can laugh at them together.
    How new is the new Q-Tip?
    The new Morrissey is a very good rock and roll record. His band is great.
    Never been a fan of the Dandy Warhols, EXCEPT: he (Courtney Taylor-Taylor, I could never forget that name) was on a radio show playing/singing a song about crazy methed-out truck drivers. Ring any bells? It was hilarious.
    And I have a softspot for every Stevie Wonder song, and Graceland too- just throwing that out there.

    • You should check out their self titled from a few years earlier, I like that one a bit better. Both are good though.


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