Posted by: Andy | February 26, 2009

the (official) WoW forums are a step up from 4chan

It’s a good sized step, but it’s still only a step.

I can’t imagine how many posts they modsmack per day, per minute even.


So yeah, patch 3.1.0 is up on the test realms (coincidentally at the same time that CoH issue 14 is in closed beta), and wow, the toolish fury is amazing.  Even though they’ve stated a million times that they are rolling out little pieces at a time, people still rave at the mouth until shit flies out.  Even more so than normal.  It cracks me up.  I rarely post there, because there’s so little point – so few helpful people and so many people who think a worthwhile reply post is comprised one unrelated word.  Luckily there are stickies..where you can find the tiny bit of useful info in the dreck.  (Keep in mind I could be biased as I’m mostly on the Hunter forum…maybe there are extra imbeciles there).

I am very please about one particular patch note (that may change! I’m not not shit a brick if it doesn’t go live):  the gorilla thunderstomp ability -which I’ve been expecting to get nerfed for a while just because it is so must have for pve that it renders most other pets pointless – has instead been shared with all tenacity pets.  Wow. THAT my friends, is awesome.   “If” it goes live – I can finally use a rhino AND have it stomp things to my heart’s conent.  And occasionally ram into things too.

COMMENTS DISABLED on this page, since evidently mentioning both 4chan AND Wow in the same post is the surest way on the net to get spammed.  Prettttty much every single spam post I get is on this thread.]



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