Posted by: Andy | March 2, 2009

what I wish I’d gotten my degree in:


Because shit like this this, blows my mind.

Seriously, click that link, and read the story. It is amazing.

Thousands of years older than the pyramids?  Wow.

You don’t have to believe the theories that people are coming up with to realize the find is absolutely amazing.  What’s weird is that it took me 16 years to hear about it?? I’m usually pretty up on this stuff.  I was reading lots of crazy cryptoarchaeology stuff in that decade and none mentioned this?  Maybe I just forgot.  Or maybe they’ve just recently started publishing?

Anyway. Read the story.



  1. Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

    [edit: spam removed by admin]

  2. Garden of Eden? Yeah, that’s cool. But look! Vampires!

    • The weird facebook link made me think you were spam at first. I seem to be a spam magnet lately.

      I hadn’t heard of that little quirk of history. Still, no fangs, so I’m kinda bummed.


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