Posted by: Andy | March 13, 2009

You didn’t really think that Palin kid was getting married did you?

I’m sure she really wanted to though.  Really.  It’s not like she was pressured into it by her mom or anything.  I’m sure that’s not the case.

Good thing her mom’s not the VP in a re-election year or we probably would have seen the country’s biggest shotgun wedding huh?



  1. Wait, remind me, the baby that was with them on the campaign, Tripp, was Palin’s kid, not the daughters kid right? The daughter was pregnant on the campaign…but the article said the two had a son named Tripp born Dec 27th. I’m confused.

  2. Ok, haha, google reminds me that palin’s kid is named Trig, not Tripp, and the older son is named Track. Wow. This family just won’t quit will it?

  3. I have to say that our weird names are much better than theirs.

  4. Oh we’re going there huh? They let me just state for the record that your ‘weird’ names are freaking awesome, theirs are seriously crazy weird, like unbelievably crazy…let’s just say them again all in a row…Track, Trig, Tripp Come on!

  5. Their weird names don’t make up cool nicknames from Auntie Bethany like Zephyr from the initials Z.E.F and M-Fer from Mad French…which is also a cool moniker.


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