Posted by: Andy | March 18, 2009

It’s never the first one

If you thought Street Fighter was the best video game movie ever…this might be for you!

Yes, I’m surfing on my lunch break.



  1. “I’m surfing on my lunch break.” …. is that not normal? You post multiple blogs throughout the day. Also. This was hilarious.
    “Why are you here, soldier!”
    “I’m here because I’m bored!”

  2. It’s somewhat not normal as I have to take my laptop into the lunch room….

    Also, usually my blogs are pre-written the night before – I just do little bits of editing and then post them throughout the day to spread them out. This one I had just found.

  3. I don’t understand those big words you’re using, so Imma take ’em as disrespect.


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