Posted by: Andy | March 18, 2009

X-Force 13: intense, and stupid

I get it, but it’s still stupid.

I love how the writers are willing to kill heroes, yet they are resurrecting villains left and right.  KILL SOME FUCKING VILLAINS ALREADY!!  Kill the ones you resurrected for starters.  Sigh.



  1. So far the resurrected villians haven’t done anything. My bet is they die before they do. Bastion is the only one to worry about. But now they brough in Selene and Eli Bard. These 3 I think will be the primary villains in this arc.

    • That seemed to be the setup, then they got sidetracked by the messiah crossover thing.

      The mass villain resurrection, while badass in the sense of total overkill, always annoyed me. I like it when villains are “resolved” in some way, and then we’re on to the next villains, even if they are just the hyper-aged children of the previous ones.

      So the writers here…undid YEARS of “villain resolution”. Really pissed me off. I was liking some of the other side plots…but I don’t think I can take the villain overkill anymore. And the pointless death…well, I removed it from my pull list.

      If you’re going to have a pointless death…at least use a pointless character. Boom-Boom had a great run with Nextwave (and X-Force of course) – she still had potential left. He could have killed that surfboard guy from X-treme, or someone like that really – for a death that valueless.


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