Posted by: Andy | March 19, 2009

Great bands you might not have heard #3: Common Rider

Yes, so far all the bands I’ve mentioned are defunct.  It’s a fuckin’ shame I know.

This will continue that cycle.
So who was Common Rider?  Jesse from Op Ivy‘s next project.  They put out two full lengths, and one post-mortem split ep.  There’s also a vinyl EP that I don’t have…because I don’t do vinyl.  Man, can you imagine all the extra pack rattery that would occur if I was into vinyl?

His voice is definitely an acquired taste – I’ve met a few people who just can’t stand it – but if you like his sound in Op Ivy you’ll probably like at least a few of the Common Rider songs.  The sound is somewhere between Op Ivy, pop and surf-punk-rock.  It’s definitely Jesse though.

Here’s two tracks, click to play in a new window:



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