Posted by: Andy | March 19, 2009

X-Factor 41

continues to kick ass.

Plot thread necro from the Madrox limited series!

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  1. Fletsom Jetsom Floop-di-doo.
    I can make up words, too.

  2. 1) Those are silly words.
    2) I didn’t make up any words. ??

  3. “Plot thread necro”, good sir?

    • Ahh, that’s just because you don’t hang out on forums much.
      A “thread necro” (and any number of variants) as when you comment on a post that has been inactive for a very long period, bumping it back up to the top of the list – “raising it from the dead”, etc. See here for more info.

      So, in this context, he revisited a plot thread from 5-6 years ago.

      My only real stretch here was from “forum thread/post” to “plot thread”…not particularly innovative, but still enough to amuse me.

      • Flargosh.

  4. Pish posh.

  5. Flergous blerg.

  6. Hogwash and old British man grumbling and such.

  7. Yay! Ummm….I still don’t recognize that guy though.



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