Posted by: Andy | March 20, 2009

Heroes, Thunderbolts & making Obama look silly

So the last 2 issues of Thunderbolts and the season finale of the last Heroes season have something in common – they both feature people fooling Obama.  And not just simple trickery – getting him to sign on for something so unlike his visible character, and so stupid it would never fly in real life, that you just have to wonder.

Case in point: Heroes.  Obama agrees to internment camps for powered people.  AS HE’S SHUTTING DOWN GUANTANAMO.  And going against prettttty much everything he ran on.  The publicity shitstorm this would kick up  would be insane.   Yes I know people don’t know about the powered people in that universe…but people would find out about camps & a new gov’t agency pretty quick, even if they didn’t know what it was for – and he wouldn’t be stupid enough (at least I don’t think he would) to authorize something that would ruin his chances at a second term.

Case in point: Thunderbolts. Obama allows a semi-reformed murderer/corporate criminal to run a huge government security agency (think FBI).  There would be hearings, or something.  I don’t care if he shot a bad guy and everyone loves him – no one cares about war heroes like that anymore.  Not that no one cares, but being a war hero doesn’t grant you an automatic pass.  He’d still have the media buried so far up his ass he would never make it to an appointment.

My point is that writers really haven’t come to terms with writing an intelligent president yet.  You can’t write him like Bush, with every George, Dick & Cheney pulling the wool over his eyes.  When you’re trying to make your reality look like ours, writing Obama at 50% intelligence is a hard shock out of the disbelief I’m trying to suspend.  Flying people – sure.  Obama authorizing a second Guantanamo?  Wahuhu???  (OK maybe he will later, who knows, but the point is, at the current political juncture – uh uh).


  1. No, your point makes perfect sense. Fiction means a believable lie. Otherwise, call it Bizarro World. If you’re going to use real figures in your world, you have to use them in a fictionalized “realistic” sense.


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