Posted by: Andy | March 22, 2009

Born in the USA turns 25

and some random foreigner writes about it.

It’s an interesting read although my (obviously American-influenced) mind thinks the writer is taking some things a little too seriously.  Springsteen performing at the Superbowl half time didn’t mean anything to me – it’s one of the pinnacles of financial success in musicianship in this country (sadly or not) – why wouldn’t he?  Sure, I would have respected him more if he’d turned it down, but I certainly don’t respect him less for doing it.  Although I didn’t see the show…maybe he did something really goofy?

Plus, hopefully it exposed some folks who might not have been otherwise exposed to his music to his message – which if you check out the Magic album still seems to line up with themes presented in Born in the USA.

Be sure to check out some audio/video for the song on an older post I made about the album itself here.


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