Posted by: Andy | March 24, 2009

here we go again

It’s that time of the decade again:

You know, the one where “Phoenix” lives up to her name?

Or at least that’s how they’re soliciting it.  The fact that it’s so blatant makes me wonder/hope it’s a red herring.  Since it’s an arc involved Madelyne Pryor…could be something else.

We travel all these miles to get Scott & Emma somewhere interesting, then they throw in all these secrets with the X-Force/Dark Reign Cabal crap…and now Jean’s back huh?  Well.  It *could* be good.  But, you know, I have this sinking feeling about creeping status quo returns.

I’m hoping she’s a villain this time around.  The cover kind of has that look to it (besides being a little ugly) – that would at least be an interesting take on it (again).

PS:  Jean, your nipples called – they don’t understand how they’re cold in all those flames.

[Edit: OH.  It’s a Greg Land cover.  No wonder.  *barfs in mouth*]


  1. Can someone tell me why her hands look so stupid and juvenile? Is this her first flight? What has happened to the foot on her bent leg… I just had to comment about the utter ridiculousness of this pose. Sorry. Nothing about the content, itself. Just a really stupid picture by a girl who should know how to model by now.


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