Posted by: Andy | March 25, 2009

Heroes 0320: Cold Snap

Was, I think, hands down the best episode of the series so far.  Keep in mind, that’s not saying much.  But, I’m unashamed that I watched it.  I’ll say that much at least.

  1. We lose two decent characters – both get good ending.
  2. We didn’t have to sit through any Claire-angst.
  3. Hiro gets a portion of his powers back in a decent manner (now he and Peter are both manageable and Sylar is left as a godpowerful bogeyman again…hopefully he dies next season!  I suspect he’ll make it through his self titled season finale…)
  4. A missing favorite returns, although still wet behind the ears.  No one will be surprised by Rebel’s identity.  There was no one else it could be.
  5. Ando shoots some dude – with lightning!
  6. Baby Parkman…heh.  Lone Wolf and Cub I guess.

Can Bryan Fuller and Greg Yaitanes do all the episodes please?


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