Posted by: Andy | March 18, 2009

X-Men Legacy 222

Not feeling it.

Feels more “bookish” than “comicish”, taking too long to get anywhere although I do see what is going on, and the reasoning behind it.

Still boring.

Posted by: Andy | March 18, 2009

sometimes, it’s just too easy

See, I don’t even have to say anything about this, do I?

Posted by: Andy | March 17, 2009

My second son made my 1st one bigger!

It’s true.  I can never see Z as a baby anymore.

M is so tiny…even the briefest exposure of the two simultaneously to my perception field has forever warped/awakened it.  Z is now huge!

I’m like, expecting him to start job hunting any day; it’s creepy.

Posted by: Andy | March 17, 2009

some math behind the crash

This article is fascinating.  More so if you’re into math at all, even more if you care about the current financial/economic meltdown.

Posted by: Andy | March 14, 2009

so I fired up Diablo 2 again…

because with the rumors of a 1.13 patch, hey, I’m curious.

It’s interesting, it’s aged pretty well. Even at 800×600 it still looks good, and it’s still seems pretty fun.

Of course the spammers are OUT OF FUCKING CONTROL.  Every 3 or 4 minutes a spammer joined my game to spam some bullshit website.  That was not happening when I left.

It’s hard to play one handed (no, not that silly!  Holding a baby.) though, so we’ll see how far I get.

Lately my gaming is focused on Magic Online, because I can play pretty decently with either hand.

Hopefully  Blizzard releases info on the 4th D3 class soon.

I’m sure she really wanted to though.  Really.  It’s not like she was pressured into it by her mom or anything.  I’m sure that’s not the case.

Good thing her mom’s not the VP in a re-election year or we probably would have seen the country’s biggest shotgun wedding huh?

Posted by: Andy | March 13, 2009

the New Zealand alcohol/kid throwing PSA

I may have posted this before.  I wish I could embed it but alas, a link will have to do.

I don’t *think* it’s fake.  I kind of hope it is.  Fucking bizarre.

Posted by: Andy | March 12, 2009

So Best Buy is selling guitar amps now?

and not just kid shit.  They’ve had the little stuff for a while.  But evidently now it’s getting serious.

I stopped into one on my lunch break to check out some laptops (I HATE the new layouts they’ve got in all the stores now btw…feels way too…I dunno, off), and I was greeted by a Marshall full stack & head in the entryway thing.


Maybe this won’t be as strange to people that aren’t “into” electric guitars (and shit)…but to me this is shades of the Twilight Zone.  Now, I didn’t go check …but I’m just going to go out on a limb and wager that you can’t bring in your guitar (or grab a sweet Jag off the rack 🙂 🙂 ), plug it into one, and crank that shit.

Just a guess.  Hell, maybe you can.

But if you can’t…WTF?

Because that’s how you shop for an amp.  I suppose if you find out that they have a great deal on an amp, you could go try it out at a guitar shop (or the Guitar World right down the street from this Best Buy), then come back here and buy it without ever touching it…but that rings really false to my inner artist. Both pretentious and not.

Posted by: Andy | March 11, 2009

Heroes: Shades of Gray

re: Claire in the comic book store : The first moment of truth in the whole fucking show.

re: The ending: Why the hell does it matter if that guy “knows” Nathan can fly?  He’s already fired. HOW DOES ANY OF THAT SHIT MATTER?

re: new id for puppet man: DOESN’T MATTER.  THEY HAVE FACIAL REC SOFTWARE IN ALL YOUR BASECAMERAS.  same with fish boy.  dumb.

re: Sylar and daddy:  So now he wants to be a bigger bad guy?  k.

Posted by: Andy | March 11, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy 11

was the weakest episode of the series so far.  Not bad, but the weakest.

I can see how it’s necessary to further the plot and all, but there was way too much boredom in there.  I mean, it was funny, and there was random action, but it almost felt like a different writer.

Posted by: Andy | March 10, 2009

play this fucker for me

Real loud.

Naahh, it’s not related to anything.
But it’s good shit.

And it’s good to be alive.  And with family, and employed.

I’m serious.  Turn that shit up.

On an unrelated note:

click to embiggen @ PA

Posted by: Andy | March 10, 2009

Vanilla & Hammer….together again. In Utah? WTF

From Newsweek, via Ta-Nehisi, wtf!

Wow and quadruple wow.

So, so rich.  And creamy!

Oh gawd, it’s sour, sour sour.

Food poisoning.  Maybe.

Posted by: Andy | March 9, 2009

5 days in

and I don’t have a whole lot to say about it (being a family of four).  Nothing in the earth shattering realm anyway.

It seems like it’s only been a day…somehow the time went by REALLY fast.  He’s extra adorable, although not much on personality yet – although, if things can be read into it, he does seem somewhat levelheaded in the sense that it only cries if he needs something.  IE we’ve lucked out and figured out what he’s needed thus far ;).

Back to work tomorrow…that’s going to be strange and annoying.  I’ve got 2 more days off I can (and will) take off this month, and I don’t work Mondays, so it’s not that bad.  Bethany is here keeping Jen company for a week, so that helps too.

And the beat(s!) go on.

Posted by: Andy | March 5, 2009

baby M is here


Yes.  He REALLY looks like his brother.

Posted by: Andy | March 4, 2009

someone searched for this to find me

“importance of being stupidity in science”

I think that says enough.

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